Energy Storage

Rooftop Solar Energy StorageConsumers are increasingly interested in pairing solar with energy storage (“solar-plus-storage”). Batteries are currently the most common energy storage product for homeowners. Energy storage is charged when power is available and releases the stored electricity when needed. You may look to install solar-plus-storage systems for backup power during a power outage, provided you choose the correct type of storage system. Or you may want storage to control your electricity generated by the solar system when connected to a utility: (i) and your utility rate depends on the time of day; (ii) that imposes fixed charges based on your peak usage during a short period of time during the month that’s difficult to control without storage or (iii) that compensates you for any excess electricity generated by your solar system below retail rates. This can get complicated quickly, so be sure to ask your solar professional about the pros and cons of solar-plus-storage in your area to make the right decision.


Source: Solar Energy Industries Association. SEIA. June 2018. Residential Consumer Guide to Solar

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