Taking Care of Your System

El Paso Electric Residential Solar Rooftop Maintenance

Because PV systems have no moving parts, regular maintenance is straightforward for a consumer. First, make sure you have enough rain each year to wash the panels. If you live in a desert or highly dusty environment, periodic cleaning is recommended once per year with distilled water. The same is true if you are located near the ocean and receive marine mist that could leave salt deposits. Second, talk with your solar company about whether you will need to trim nearby branches or do anything with the roof. Third, if your system has monitoring that relies on the internet, maintain internet connection and learn how to use your monitoring system. Finally, if your system is not working properly, contact your solar service provider. Never attempt to repair the system yourself.


Source: Solar Energy Industries Association. SEIA. June 2018. Residential Consumer Guide to Solar Powerwww.seia.org

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