Working Out Differences

Working Out Differences with Your Solar CompanyAs with any other service or product, consumers may encounter issues in dealing with a solar company. In general, solar companies want satisfied customers and are willing to resolve any problems that arise. SEIA and the solar industry are strongly committed to consumer satisfaction and protection.

  • First, try to resolve problems directly with your solar company.
  • Your contract or lease may have a dispute resolution section and process.
  • If you choose a SEIA-member solar company to work with, SEIA may be able to assist you in resolving your issue. Contact us at
  • If you are still having issues, note that SEIA member companies are bound by the SEIA Solar Business Code. If you believe a company has violated the SEIA Solar Business Code, you may submit a complaint to SEIA, which can help resolve certain issues.
  • You can contact private consumer organizations (e.g., your local Better Business Bureau) about your issue.
  • In addition, state and local governments have resources to promote consumer protection.


Source: Solar Energy Industries Association. SEIA. June 2018. Residential Consumer Guide to Solar

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