Welcome to EPE's Interconnection Process for Texas Customers

Important Information for Customers

Please note that you will continue to receive an electric service bill after you have installed solar panels.  Most customers who install solar panels qualify for EPE’s net metering rate.  This rate nets the amount of renewable energy generated against the consumption received from EPE. This rate has a $30.25 minimum bill amount meaning your electric service bill will be at least $30.25 every month.

Customers interconnecting a distributed generation system like rooftop solar are not eligible to participate in the Texas Community Solar Program or Budget Billing Plan. Customers currently enrolled in the Texas Community Solar Program or Budget Billing will be automatically removed.

Information for Private Rooftop Solar Contractors/Installers

Please use the information below as a reference for the Distributed Generation (DG) Renewable Energy Interconnection application process and its requirements.

If the system is built prior to gaining EPE approval, the customer risks paying for a system that does not meet EPE's interconnection requirements.

Please verify the customer is no longer participating in one of the following programs prior to requesting an inspection:

Note: Technical review approval of the one-line diagram is contingent upon wiring, inspections, and system installation. These must be in accordance to EPE's requirements book and must reflect the information provided in the one-line diagram.

Technical Requirements

  • Please review   EPE’s Technical Requirements for Interconnection
  • As of 9/4/2018, all installations must meet   Neutral Requirements
  • Please reference   REC Meter Can Requirements
  • Note:  All customers with an existing water heater meter must have it rewired. After the water heater has been rewired, please call Customer Care at (915) 543-5790 to request to remove the water heater meter. Please do not request an EPE solar system field inspection before submitting a request to have the water heater removed.
  • With each Application the customer shall include a simple one-line diagram and site diagram of no more than 10 megabytes in size of the proposed system with each signed original of the Application. 
  • The one-line diagram shall identify all major equipment including the utility-accessible generation disconnect device and the EPE metering point.   Click here to view the one-line diagram specs and sample.
  • Please verify the delivered service phase matches the installed generation phase, i.e., single phase service = single phase inverter, 3-phase service = 3-phase inverter.
  • All three-phase Y-connected systems require three-phase connected inverters.


Standard Interconnection Application

Expansion Interconnection Application

  Here is a high-level Interconnection Process to review before you get started.


Texas Application fees vary based on System Size

  • 1 – 100KW = $85.00 Application fee
  • Over 100KW = $230.00 Application fee
  • Expansion Application Fee = $42.50


Upon receiving design approval to proceed and obtaining all applicable building permits as required by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), the contractor can then install the equipment according to the specifications approved by El Paso Electric (EPE) and the AHJ.


After construction of the generation system has been completed and received final electrical inspection by the authority having jurisdiction, the contractor must contact EPE at smallrenewables@epelectric.com to request field inspection and meter installation. The purpose of the inspection is to verify that facility construction conforms to the representation presented in the Agreement and its attachments.

Please do not energize your system until after EPE has performed its inspection and replaced the existing meter with a bi-directional meter.


After EPE has approved the interconnection facility, EPE will identify the location as an EPE Distributed Generation (DG) Interconnection site by means of a label on the meter box or adjacent to the meter box. Along with written authorization, EPE will return one of the fully executed Agreement originals to the customer.


As a DG metering customer, with an approved Interconnection Application, you will have bi-directional and REC meters installed by EPE.  Net consumption is charged at the applicable rate and net production is credited based on EPE’s Rate Schedule No. 48.

Please note that Texas bills do not have the REC (Received/ Generation) Meter readings.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please send an e-mail to smallrenewables@epelectric.com or contact 915-872-4595.

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