Reconnection of Services

When service is disconnected for nonpayment of a bill, damage to the meter caused by tampering or bypassing, or other evidence of theft of service, you will be asked to pay the entire past due amount of the bill, a reconnection fee and a security deposit before service can be restored.

Payment of all charges can be made at one of
El Paso Electric's business offices, authorized payment agents, as well as online or by phone through BillMatrix Credit Card/Electronic Check Payment during regular business hours.

If a deposit exists, EPE may increase it under the provisions governing the imposition of an additional deposit. If you comply with the requirements necessary to have your service reconnected, it will be scheduled for reconnection the next regular business day. EPE may charge an after-hours rate for reconnection requested on the same day, after business hours, or on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

If energy diversion and damages to the meter are involved, you may also be required to pay damage charges and an energy diversion fee.

Disconnection of Service

El Paso Electric can disconnect service for any of the following reasons:

1. Failure to pay your bill or make payment arrangements by the date of the disconnection;

2. Failure to comply with payment arrangements;

3. Violation of EPE rules about the use of service in a way that interferes with the service of others or the operation of non-standard equipment (if EPE has made a reasonable attempt to notify you, has given you a reasonable opportunity to remedy the situation and you have not remedied the situation); and/or

4. Failure to comply with deposit or letter of guarantee arrangements.

Steps Taken Before Disconnection

If disconnection occurs for any of the above-listed reasons, EPE is required to give proper notice before disconnecting. Proper notice is given by mailing or hand-delivering a termination notice at least ten (10) days prior to the date EPE plans to disconnect. The notice must prominently display the words “DISCONNECTION NOTICE,” state the date of disconnection, and contain a statement informing you about the possible availability of financial assistance and special payment programs. The notice also will tell you to contact EPE for information about available programs. The information included in the notice will be provided in English and Spanish as necessary to adequately inform the customer. You will incur a fee if a collector collects a payment at your home before disconnection occurs.

Service may be disconnected without notice in the following situations:

1. Where a known hazardous condition exists, pending correction of the condition, EPE will leave a written statement on the front door of your residence if it is reasonable to do so after service is disconnected. The statement will indicate the reason for the disconnection and the telephone numbers to call during regular business hours or after business hours in order to have your service reconnected;

2. When a person has not applied for service, and if an unauthorized connection is made or when service has been disconnected for nonpayment and an unauthorized reconnection is made; or

3. In cases involving the tampering or bypassing of an EPE meter or other EPE equipment or evidence of theft of service.

EPE will not disconnect service to a residential customer who is delinquent in paying his or her bill for electric service for a billing period in which EPE receives a pledge, letter of intent, purchase order, or other notification that an energy assistance provider is forwarding sufficient payment to continue service. If such financial assistance covers only a portion of the bill, and you sign a payment arrangement or have made other payment arrangements with EPE before the date of disconnection for the remainder of the bill, your service will not be disconnected as long as you comply with the terms of the arrangement. In both cases, EPE must receive notice from the energy assistance provider of its commitment prior to the date of disconnection.

The receipt of a commitment from an energy assistance provider for payment of one (1) bill does not exempt you from disconnection for nonpayment of previous, current or future bills for which no energy assistance provider commitment has been obtained.

Your electric service cannot be disconnected if extreme weather conditions of heat or cold exist. If you desire further information about this matter, please contact El Paso Electric Customer Services online or by phone at (915) 543-5970.

If you are a tenant in a master-metered apartment complex and EPE plans to disconnect electric service to the complex, EPE will send notice to the apartment management. The notice will advise the apartment management about the anticipated disconnection and about EPE's intent to send, within six (6) days, a notice to the tenants about the possible disconnection if payment is not made by the apartment management before the date of the scheduled disconnection. In addition to the six-day notice already given to the apartment management and no later than four (4) days prior to the actual disconnection, EPE will post at least five (5) notices in conspicuous areas in the corridors or other common areas of the apartment complex. The notices will state the date and the reason for disconnection.

If you have questions about disconnection of service, please contact our
Customer Service Department.

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