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Benefits of community solar

Generating and providing sustainable solar energy is an ongoing goal for El Paso Electric. With Community Solar, we’re making it a reality. Here are just a few of the ways that Community Solar can work for you:

No Rooftop Panels

No Rooftop Panels

You can easily receive solar energy
without any of the issues associated with having solar panels located on your roof.

Moves when you move

Moves When You Move

Your subscription is portable anywhere
in our Texas service territory for as
long as you’re a customer.

Access For All!

Access For All!

No limitations on who qualifies to receive solar power! Now everyone can subscribe - homeowners, renters,
and business owners alike.

Solar Rate Never Goes Up.

Solar Rate Never Goes Up

Lock-in your solar rate once you
subscribe. Your monthly fee per KW
will never go up and
can actually go down.
*Find more information in the
Program Details section.

Easy, No Hassle Sign-Up

Easy, No Hassle Sign-Up

You won’t be locked into
long-term contracts.

Worry Free System

Worry Free System

Unlike rooftop systems, you won’t need to have any panels serviced, because the Community Solar facility is owned, operated and maintained by
El Paso Electric.

No Credit or Income Limitations

No Credit or Income Limitations

There are no credit score requirements or income limitations when subscribing

No Hidden Costs!

No Hidden Costs!

There’s no need to lease or purchase expensive panels. Once you subscribe, you will begin receiving solar energy for a fixed monthly price. It’s that easy!

Our Panels Chase The Sun

Our Panels Chase the Sun

The Community Solar facility uses panels that track the sun for maximum energy production and 25% more efficiency than fixed rooftop panels.

Grows with you

Grows With You

Easily expand your solar subscription
as your energy needs grow.

Zero Emission Energy!

Zero Emission Energy!

The Community Solar Program is the first of its kind in Texas. It will provide local generated renewable, zero emission energy for the next 30 years.

Program Details

Program Requirements

Currently, every El Paso Electric residential and commercial customer in our Texas service territory who doesn’t already have rooftop panels is eligible to subscribe to the Community Solar program, whether you rent, lease or own your home.

Solar Power Availability

The Community Solar facility to be used for this program is 3,000 kilowatts (kWs) in size and will be open for subscription on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the program is fully subscribed, any customer who wishes to join will be placed on a waiting list and will be among the first notified by El Paso Electric once their desired portion of kWs is available. Please note that once you have been notified of availability, you must respond within 7 business days or face cancellation of your pending subscription.

Community Solar Rate

By subscribing to the program, you are reserving a portion of the energy produced by the Community Solar plant for your home or business. There is a minimum subscription of 1kW with additions available in 0.5 kW increments. The flat charge for the minimum subscription amount is $20.96 per month, which is less than a $1 a day! And the best part is that the charge for your subscription amount will be reduced by EPE system credits based on fuel and generation savings for that particular month.

Find more details on the Community Solar Rate section below.

Enrollment Process

Subscribe in any of the following ways:

You’ll be notified via email when El Paso Electric receives your application. All subscription applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Submitting an application does not guarantee placement in the program and all applications will be subject to space availability. You will be notified by email or phone when El Paso Electric approves your application. You will be enrolled for a 12-month period with an automatic renewal for each successive 12-month period.
You may cancel your program subscription with one-month advanced notice.


Have questions, or just looking for more details? Find answers here.

1. What if the program is fully subscribed?

Answer: Your subscription request will be placed on the waiting list. Once space becomes available, you will be contacted by EPE. Please note that you must reply within 7 business days. If you do not reply within this timeframe, your subscription request will be cancelled.

2. Do I own part of the solar array? Will there be maintenance costs?
Answer: No, the solar plant is owned, operated and maintained by El Paso Electric. All associated maintenance costs are included in the Capacity Charge.

3. What happens if it is cloudy or nighttime? Will I have power in my home?
Answer: Solar plants do not produce energy at night and have lower energy output during cloudy days. As your energy service provider, EPE will continue ensuring that all of your energy needs are met.

Example Subscription Calculator

Here’s an estimated calculation for the amount of solar needed in an average 1600 to 2500 sq ft home. This will help give you a general idea of the number of kWs you may require, bill credits you might expect and the positive environmental impact your energy choices can make.

* Average 1600 - 2500 sq ft Home Energy Profile
Example Subscription Calculator
Calculator Outputs
more info  Your Maximum kWs
more info  Monthly Capacity Charge

more info  Estimated November Bill Credits:

Base Generation Credit

Fuel Rate Credit

- - - - - - -

Bill Impact

more info  Annual % of Solar Energy:

more info  Estimated Annual Environmental Benefits:

CO2 Emissions Avoided (lbs/year)

Trees (trees planted/year)

Car (miles not driven/year)

Water (gallons of water saved)

Go Solar!

Solar Production Tracker

Want to see how much energy we capture from the sun? Check out the solar energy produced and total environmental impact of the Community Solar facility.