Posted on January 14, 2022

2022 is going to be electric: EPE unveils new Transportation Electrification Plan for New Mexico

A future where you will not have to pay to fill up your car’s gas tank or go in for an oil change is becoming a reality. EPE recently unveiled its newest initiative that will drive more than $1.2 million of investment in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, education and outreach across its Southern New Mexico service area – the Transportation Electrification Plan, or TEP.

“The approval of this plan takes us one step forward in meeting our mission to transform the energy landscape in order to meet the evolving, growing needs of our customers,” shares EPE President and CEO Kelly A. Tomblin. “We are excited about these incentives and benefits it will create for our environment. Education is key and will be available to all of our customers to help support the electrification of transportation and the evolving technology that comes with it.”

EPE’s TEP is a two-year plan is aimed at increasing the number of EV adoptions by incentivizing the installation and usage of smart charging infrastructure through rebate and pilot rate programs. The TEP will also address the challenges associated with the lack of awareness of both the technology and benefits of EVs, which there are many.

EPE’s Senior Director of Innovation and Sustainability Jessica Christianson shares: “Transportation serves as the second highest contributor to air pollution, and with the proven fact that EVs can save families thousands of dollars in fuel and maintenance costs, this initiative is extremely important in meeting prudent environmental goals to better serve our community.”

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