Doing Business With EPE

El Paso Electric's Supply Chain Management (SCM) Department administers and supports all activities associated with Supply Chain Management. These include planning, purchasing, contracting, storing, investment recovery and delivery of materials and services at the lowest life-cycle cost and highest quality.

Supply Chain Management will provide business solutions, quality service and accountability to meet and exceed its internal customers' needs and expectations while serving the best interest of EPE and its affiliates.

Request for Proposals for Demand Response Pilot Program
June 14, 2016
- El Paso Electric Company (EPE) is requesting proposals for the purchase of products and/or services for an EPE Demand Response Pilot Program (DRPP).  The DRPP will be a voluntary subscription program that engages EPE’s customers to primarily reduce their electricity use (load) during peak hours or, under certain electric system operating conditions. EPE is initiating the DRPP to gauge the acceptance and efficacy of demand response that targets air conditioning (A/C) load or other controllable load for residential and small commercial customers occurring in peak load hours.  THIS IS A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) ONLY.

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