Purchase Orders and Contracts

Most purchases require a PO from the Supply Chain Management Department. Generally, purchases will be made on a firm fixed-price basis.

For purchases requiring a contract, the contract must be agreed upon and signed by authorized representatives of both parties before a purchase order can be issued. The contract will clearly set forth all terms and conditions of purchase. Technical performance and all other pertinent specifications will be made a part of the contract. Pursuant to negotiations, long-term contracts may contain clauses for limited escalation in prices.

Upon evaluation of market prices and suppliers' offers, single-source negotiation may be used when:

Electric service must be restored and time does not permit delay;

  • There is a need to match existing equipment when dealing with a component already in use;
  • Renewal parts are supplied only by the original manufacturer;
  • Only one supplier is available for a specified type of product or service;
  • A supplier offers a one-time substantial savings on a surplus item which meets all Company specifications, and is in new or unused condition; and/or
  • The Company requires small purchases not involving a significant amount of money.