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It's always important to use energy wisely and efficiently. The following links include information that will help you conserve energy and save on your monthly utility bills.

Energy Efficiency Tips for Fall

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Home Energy Suite
Get an analysis of your home’s energy use and dig deeper into the make-up of your home’s energy consumption. This site features an interactive cut-away house, a HomeEnergy Calculator, an appliance calculator, a lighting calculator, and lots of energy efficiency tips and information.

Energy Calculators
Looking for ways to cut your monthly energy costs? Let EPE's energy calculators do the math for you! It's fast and it's free. You can also test-run a variety of changes and the calculator will show your potential energy dollar savings for each.

home energy calculator button   HomeEnergy Calculator

appliance calculator button Appliance Calculator

lighting calculator button  Lighting Calculator


Air Conditioning Cost Calculator
This useful calculator was developed by the Washington State University Extension Energy Program.

home energy library Home Energy Library

Energy Efficiency Links