Power Outages

Providing reliable electric service is a top priority at El Paso Electric. However, lightning, high winds, and other circumstances sometimes knock out power, and, despite our best efforts, service can be interrupted. When an outage occurs, we work non-stop to restore your service.

Outage Map Icon

El Paso Electric’s Outage Map 

Click here to view EPE’s service area and zoom in to where an outage is occurring.Provides outage event information 24 hours a day

At times, the outage indicators may remain on the map after power has been restored because EPE is still verifying that power has been restored to all customers in the area.

If your power goes out

Check It Out

If your power goes out, check your circuit breakers or fuse box to make sure the problem isn’t inside your home. If the problem isn’t inside your home, check with your neighbors. If power is out around you, call EPE.

Report the Outage

MyEPE Outage App

EPE customers can report an outage on the MyEPE app from the app store and begin to stay connected. Click here for more information and download the app today.

Call us

Keep the El Paso Electric Trouble and Outage Line number near the phone to report an outage, as well as trouble or emergencies related to electric service.

To report an outage in Texas call (915) 877-3400 and in New Mexico call (575) 523-7591.

Automated telephone lines will prompt you to leave important information that will help El Paso Electric send out crews to the affected areas quickly.  When a call is received on these lines,  whether the customer talks to a customer service representative or leaves a message, El Paso Electric will dispatch service crews. You don’t need to call more than once, unless your neighbors have power restored and you don’t. In addition, after restoration is completed, customers may receive an automated call from El Paso Electric verifying that their power is indeed back on.

Understanding Power Restoration

Power outages are never expected but when they do happen, El Paso Electric is committed to restoring your power as quickly and safely as possible. Our dedicated power restoration team and repair crews are on call 24/7, ready to handle any issue, anywhere.

Click here for our Power Restoration process.

Stay Safe

NEVER go near downed power lines. In the case of a severe windstorm, be careful when you go outside, especially if you see that tree limbs have been blown down. Both high winds and tree branches can bring wires down. If you spot a downed power line, assume it is electrified, even if it isn’t sparking. Call EPE immediately and warn others to stay away from the area.

Outages During Summer Months