Tools, Tips, and Calculators

Fundamentals of Electricity

Basic electricity fundamentals and how the electric utility industry generates and delivers power to its customers.

Commercial Energy Systems

Covers a variety of areas with regard to commercial buildings' energy systems in industries such as fast food, retail stores and commercial operations of all descriptions. Information covered includes: Lighting, Power Quality, Commercial Cooking, HVAC Design, HVAC Systems, CES Design (building design process, commissioning).

Lighting Systems

A virtual encyclopedia on the subject of lighting, it covers different types of lighting equipment - fluorescent, incandescent, HID (high/low pressure sodium, metal halide, etc.) and their applications. It also discusses maintenance and troubleshooting, efficiency and operating characteristics of each type. A retrofit section assists with the decision on what and how to retrofit existing lighting.

Power Quality

Offers information on power quality from residential, agricultural and commercial/industrial perspectives. Topics include surge protection, battery back-up systems, power conditioners, grounding, electrical noise/interference and harmonics. Assists in diagnosing problems then offers solutions and provides a "how-to-do" your own power quality audit.