EV Informational Resources

Dealerships and Automakers

While many automakers are focusing on development of new EV models and increasing EV sales in their portfolios, dealerships face several challenges. Some of which include a) predicting customer demand and having sufficient inventory, b) training sales staff; and c) becoming EV certified dealer with trained EV mechanics. To help local dealerships overcome some of these challenges, EPE is offering informational presentations and resources.

Best Practices for Auto Dealers:
  • Learn about customer demand for EVs from local organizations (EPE)
  • Secure more EVs from automakers based on expected EV demand
  • Provide sales staff access to periodic EV training and certification opportunities on EVs, charging technology and incentives (federal, state, local)
  • Provide mechanics access to EV maintenance training
  • Have more than one salesperson designated as an EV expert
  • Work with local organizations to participate in test drive events
  • Help prepare incentive paperwork for customers
  • Ensure EVs are consistently charged and ready to be test driven.


Additional Resources:

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Home Builders and Land Developers

Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption is growing in our community with more and more customers searching for an EV-ready home, apartment or land. An EV-ready facility refers to a place that offers safe access to a dedicated power supply for the purpose of charging an electric vehicle. Studies show that over 80 percent of EV owners charge vehicles at home. To increase home value and move-in readiness, it is important that facilities are pre-wired and include a power outlet to charge a vehicle.

Home Builder/ Developer Benefits:
  • Increases home value and attractiveness to buyers
  • Low cost during new construction
  • Can differentiate you from other builders
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the environment
  • Shows support of consumer choice
  • Green Building Certification points (LEED, ENERGY STAR, Net Zero Homes)


Value to Homeowner:
  • No additional cost for charger installation or upgrades to electrical panel
  • Saves time by avoiding hiring an electrician to run conduit and wire
  • Provides move-in readiness for EV owners


EV-ready facility development options:
  • 120 Volt electrical outlet
  • 240 Volt electrical outlet
  • Level 2 Charging Station
  • Level 3 Charging Station


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