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What does El Paso Electric do to manage a major storm?
El Paso Electric operations personnel continually monitor regional weather reports to be prepared for impending storms. This allows EPE to work on staffing for restoration efforts even before the storm hits. Upon notification of an impending storm or event, EPE implements its base outage restoration plan which includes initiating a “Storm Call” with various departments in the Company, identifying contacts from each area and determining the level and location of additional resources. During major storm efforts, EPE customer service centers operate in "storm mode," using extra telephone lines and bringing in additional representatives to serve customers better. They also employ advanced telephone technologies to handle the unusually large volume of customer calls. This technology allows customers to report an outage without speaking to a representative and helps EPE provide status updates regarding the restoration effort.
How does El Paso Electric handle tree damage?
El Paso Electric contractors conduct tree trimming throughout the year to keep power lines free of limbs and debris. Following a storm, these contractors must remove fallen trees and limbs from electrical equipment that are preventing service restoration. However, El Paso Electric contractors do not remove storm debris and move the debris only if it is necessary to facilitate the restoration effort. Do not attempt to remove a tree limb or debris yourself if it is within 10 feet of a power line and stay completely away from any downed power line or sparking equipment. If you notice downed lines or sparking equipment, please call El Paso Electric’s trouble and outage lines. - in Texas, (915) 877-3400; in New Mexico, (575) 523-7591. For tree removal not associated with a power line, you will need to call a landscape or tree contractor.
Why do I sometimes experience brief outages that call for resetting of appliances?
These outages occur when protective devices, called reclosers, operate. When a recloser detects an object interfering with a line, it will de-energize the line briefly to determine if the interference is a temporary or permanent fault on the line. If the recloser determines that the interference was temporary, the line will re-energize. If the interference is detected to be prolonged, the recloser will de-energize the line and EPE crews will investigate and repair the problem.
Why is my power out, but my neighbor’s is on?
There are several possibilities. You may be on different circuits, OR you could have damage to the line, transformer, fuse or switch that serves your home, but your neighbor’s is fine.
How does EPE decide whose power is restored first?
Power will be restored by priority. Hospitals, emergency response agencies, other public utilities and large circuits are restored first. Restoration then continues based on a number of customers affected and the length of the outage.
Why can’t I get an estimate of how long it will be before my power is restored?
During an outage event, while crews move quickly to restore power to all customers, restoration time varies by location and issue. Crews assess damage at the scene and make repairs or call for additional equipment or manpower, depending on the problem. A fuse can take a few minutes to repair; a transformer can take a couple of hours to replace. In general, underground cable or transformer repairs take longer than repairs on overhead equipment. Restoration time varies by location and issue.
Why does my neighborhood have outages more often than others?
Most likely, the answer is trees. If you live in an older neighborhood, with big trees, you’re more likely to experience outages AND momentary interruptions in service due to fallen trees and branches blowing into electrical lines. If there are no trees in the area, then this issue should be reported to EPE so that we can send someone out to investigate.


Jobs at EPE

How do I search for open jobs?
All open jobs are displayed through the “Career Opportunities” link. Open positions are updated as they become available. Please check the website frequently for changes. When you find a job that matches your experience, education, and talents, click the on the job title and press the “Apply Now” button. If you are interested in more than one position, be sure to submit your resume for each separate position.
I am a student considering a future career at El Paso Electric. What courses should I take, or what major should I choose?
El Paso Electric employees represent a wide variety of disciplines from business administration, engineering, accounting, and finance.
Is the El Paso Electric Company an Equal Opportunity Employer?
El Paso Electric does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, or sexual orientation.
How many employees work at El Paso Electric?
El Paso Electric employs approximately 1,000 employees.

Job requirements

Do I need to be eligible for employment in the United States to work for El Paso Electric?
Yes, you must be eligible to work in the United States when you apply to work for the El Paso Electric Company.
What is the minimum age for employment at El Paso Electric?
You must be at least 18 years of age.

Submitting your application

After I submit my application, what happens next?
Once you have filled out your application and completed any necessary pre-assessments, You have successfully submitted your job application. Each resume if reviewed by our recruiting department and those candidates that meet the job qualifications will be contacted for an interview.
What information is required to apply for a position?
After clicking on the job title you are interested in, upload your resume and complete the brief form including name, e-mail, and contact information. After you’ve completed this, press the submit button. It should take approximately ten minutes to complete. We encourage you to add any information relevant to the position you are seeking not only in your resume, but also in the cover letter section of the resume submission process.
What if I do not have access to submit my resume online?
Only resumes submitted electronically through El Paso Electric’s online system will be considered for any open positions.
How long after submitting my resume can I expect to hear from El Paso Electric?
After your resume is submitted, El Paso Electric recruiters review with great care each resume for those resumes that meet job requirements and essential job skills. Those resumes that are considered the best fit are contacted for an interview.
I need some assistance with the online application process. Whom can I contact?
For assistance in completing your application online, e-mail careers@epelectric.com.
How do I apply for more than one position?
You may apply to multiple positions at El Paso Electric, please be sure to submit your resume for each position you are interested in by clicking on the job title(s).
Will I be at a disadvantage if I apply for several positions at the same time?
Not at all! You may apply for as many positions as you see fit, given your experience and qualifications. An El Paso Electric recruiter will review your resume and contact you if your background and skill set match the position(s) you have applied for.
Is there a way to check the status of my application online?
At this time, you are not able to check the status of your application online. You will be contacted by an El Paso Electric recruiter should your background and skill set match an open position.
Does El Paso Electric accept resumes from agencies?
El Paso Electric does not accept resumes/C.V.s from headhunters or suppliers who have not signed a formal agreement with us. Any resume received from a headhunter or an unapproved supplier is considered unsolicited, and El Paso Electric Company will not be obligated to pay a referral fee.
I submitted my resume online. Should I follow up with a paper copy?
A paper copy (via fax or US mail) is not necessary or advantageous after you have submitted your resume online. The online submission process was specifically designed to provide the applicant with quick entry into our active applicant database.


What benefits does El Paso Electric Company offer?
Full-time employees (working 40 or more hours per week) may be eligible to participate in our benefits program including: Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance; Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance; 401(k) Plan; Flexible Spending Accounts; Long-Term Disability; Employee Assistance Program; Paid Time Off; Paid Company Holidays; Tuition Aid Reimbursement; and Company Sponsored Pension.
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As a college student, I’d like to apply for an internship. How do I go about doing that?
Each internship offers valuable educational and practical work experience that enhances your chosen field of study and prepares you for the future with El Paso Electric or other career endeavors. Not only are these positions a great learning opportunity, each student also earns a salary while part of the internship program. El Paso Electric offers internships as they become available throughout the year and these are posted through the “Career Opportunities” link. Please check frequently.

Doing Business With EPE


How do I become a contractor / supplier to El Paso Electric?
In order to become a contractor / supplier you must first register with El Paso Electric, use the link below to get the process started. While completion of this process does not guarantee future opportunities, it is required to be considered for them. The information you provide will be added to a supplier database for future reference and or consideration.
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Is registering with the Small Business Administration (SBA) a requirement to becoming a vendor or for registering with El Paso Electric?
A company does not have to be registered with the Small Business Administration in order to do business with EPE, however we encourage our suppliers and contractors to take this into consideration and to obtain any certifications applicable to your business. For additional information on how the SBA can assist your business please click on the link below.
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Customer Service

Bill payment

I want to pay my bill in person. Where is the nearest authorized payment agency?
El Paso Electric customers who like to pay their bills in person can do so closer to home.
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What payment options are available?
El Paso Electric offers several convenient payment options for customers.
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What can I do if I can't make a payment on time?
If you are having difficulty paying your electric bill on time, please contact El Paso Electric to make arrangements before the payment is due. In Texas, call 915-543-5970. In New Mexico, call 575-526-5555. Not all customers are eligible for payment arrangements and extensions.

Your bill

How can I access a copy of my bill?
You can access a copy of your bill by clicking on the Customer Login tab of this website.

Your account

When is my payment due?
In Texas, payment is due 16 calendar days after the date the bill is issued and in New Mexico, 21 calendar days after the date the bill is issued. If the sixteenth or the twenty-first day falls on a holiday or weekend, then the due date is the next business day after the sixteenth or the twenty-first.
How can I obtain the balance of my account?
You may access your account balance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by clicking on the Customer Login tab at the top of this webpage.
Where do I find my account number?
You will find your customer account number in the upper right hand corner of your El Paso Electric bill. This identifies your account number in EPE's records. Please use this number when requesting information about your account.

Assistance programs

Are there any assistance programs in New Mexico that can assist me during a difficult financial time?
There are several agencies in New Mexico that are able to assist customers.
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Are there any assistance programs in Texas that can assist me during a difficult financial time?
There are several agencies in Texas that are able to assist customers.
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Contact El Paso Electric

How do I contact EPE?
Customers can call El Paso Electric at the following numbers.
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Do I have to pay a deposit when I apply for new service?
If you cannot establish satisfactory credit, El Paso Electric may require an initial deposit.